Current Stock

Photo of MAX Tapener Blades

Product Code: 5210
Blades for all HT-R and HT-S Tapeners® (TC90045)
2 blades /packet 30 Packets/carton 540 packets/case 100

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Photo of MAX Tapener blades for older model Tapeners

Product Code: 5200
HT-B (Old) Tapener Blades (TC90017)
For use in HT-B and HT-A Tapeners®
3 snap off blades per packet 30 packets/sheet 150 packet/case
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Obsolete/Replaced Stock

Photo of obsolete MAX Tapener Blades

Product Code: 5202
Blades for all HT-R Tapeners® (TC90015)
These blades did not fit the Strong Bind Tapeners® and were replaced by the blade that would fit all current Tapeners®
2 blades /packet
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