Is there a Tapener® for 1″ Tape?

We get this question all the time. And the short answer is “No.”

Why not?

  • The Tapener® would be nearly twice the weight.
  • The spring to pull up the tape for the next tie would have to be twice the strength which adds to the staple crimping and cutting force needed.
  • The squeeze on the handle to staple and cut the tape would be at least twice the force assuming you have a second or bigger staple applied. That starts becoming a major consideration for the workers.
  • The demand for it would be minimal with the above considerations.

Why would you want one? Obviously for stronger ties!

  • Have you considered stronger tapes in the 1/2″ size? Did you know the HT-R45L and HT-R2 model Tapeners® can handle the 9 mil, 12 mil and 20 mil 1/2″ tapes? You are not limited to the 8 mil tapes of the older model Tapeners® or of the other copycats out there of the older HT-B model. Cautionary note: once you get into the stronger tapes, the weak point is no longer the tapes but the staple pulling apart.

Solutions for stronger ties:

  • You might consider making two or three ties at the same spot with your HT-R45L or HT-R2 Tapener® using the 8 or 9 mil 1/2″ tape. It would still be faster and probably less expensive than trying to hand tie with 1″ tie tape.
  • Please consider using the Strong Bind HT-S45E or HT-S60E Tapeners®. These models were designed for the special Strong Bind tarpaulin tape (Tape-T32B) and stronger 404F-L staples. These tools make for a super strong tie that will surprise you with its strength. It will save you tremendous labor costs over hand tying. Remember to allow a little growth room since it will not stretch.