Management Team

Patti Henry

Supply Department Manager

559-732-9146 x0


Call or email, Patti is most likely the one who takes care of you. She does it all: from order entry, processing shipping papers, paying the bills and keeping your accounts up to date. She has been taking care of the Supply Department customers since 1990 and her experience shows. She is one of the most generous giving people we know – always giving her time at work or home helping others. When she is is not discussing your order, she might be enticing you with her favorite new recipes and cooking projects.

Ron Ludekens

L.E. Cooke Co – President

559-732-9146 x2 or Cell 559-967-5370


Ron Ludekens (Bob’s son) grew up with the business, spent 16 years in management with Westinghouse before returning in 1990. He is President with past responsibilities over bareroot marketing, sales, production planning and the Supply Division. Today he helps Patti when needed and spends time traveling on the road visiting customers to demonstrate the Miracle Garden Tie and MAX Tapener products.

In his spare time, Ron has a passion for photography which is reflected throughout the nursery website of the products grown by L.E. Cooke Co.  Additional product photos as well as other personal photo galleries can be seen at

Ron is married to Barbara (who is lovingly patient about the long hours).  Together they have two lovely daughters married to great men and four granddaughters and a grandson.

Photo of David Cox

David Cox

L.E. Cooke Co – CEO / GM

559-732-9146 x 1 or Cell 559-967-0885

David Cox is the CEO/GM of L.E. Cooke Co and also supervises production in the nursery. He has nearly 50 years of hands on experience in the nursery industry.

He is has been involved in a multitude of regulatory activities on behalf of the industry and is currently serving on multiple CDFA and USDA groups that deal with issues of immediate and potential concern to the nursery industry of a local, state, national and international nature. This includes pests, pathogens and potential changes to the national and international regulatory system that govern the movement of plant material.

Past service includes past president of California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC), appointment to the California Fruit, Nut and Grapevine Industry Advisory Board (IAB) as well as participation in several hiring panels for scientists at the USDA-ARS field station in Parlier and long involvement in the CANGC Research Committee, where he has served as member and chair.

In 2022 David was inducted into the Green Industry Hall of Fame.

Photo of Phillip Cox

Phillip Cox

Vice President / Liner Production Manager

559-732-9146 x 4 or Cell 559-799-6147

As the son of the CEO, Phillip has been a part of L.E. Cooke all of his life, officially beginning employment at age 16, and has been here ever since. He oversees the Propagation department and our Budwood Orchards. If Patti or Ron are not in the office, he helps process orders for the Supply Division.

Phillip is a board member of the California Fruit Tree, Nut Tree and Grapevine Improvement Advisory Board (IAB).