This is the finest plant and tree tying material on the market. It is available in .004, .006, .007, .008, .009, .012, and .020mil. and comes in both 1/2” and 1” sizes. The 1/2” small rolls are custom slit for use in the HT-R1, HT-RS and new HT-R45C Tapeners. The larger 1/2” rolls are for use in the HT-R45L and HT-R2 Tapeners or hand tying. When proper strength tie is used, it will not girdle or cut a tree or vine. This material is versatile enough to be used in extremely cold regions, such as northern Canada, or to an extremely hot environment, such as the desert. It is strong, pliable, color fast, and does not need to be re-tied over and over. For staking, tying, training, or flagging, there is no finer product. 

Available in 1/2″ and 1″ widths.

Designed to stretch with growth and won’t girdle the tree. See: Why Miracle Garden Tie


.004 MIL (300′)
Ideal for small plants and light tying. 1/2″ often used in greenhouse liner propagation to establish straight trunks while still in the pots. 1″ white and clear are often used for budding and grafting pecans, citrus, grapes, persimmons, avocados, and stone fruits.

.006 MIL (200′)
Great for 5 gallon trees and plants. Popular for tying grapevines. Also used for budding and grafting.

.008 MIL (150′)
Popular for use with 15 gallon trees and tying heavier canes on grapes and berries. Never girdles yet lasts for years.

.012 MIL (100′)
Tie it and forget it. Very strong yet easy to handle. 1/2″ popular in vineyards with mechanical harvesting. 1″ used in nursery trees and landscapes.

.020 MIL (60′)
1″ Designed for the BIG landscape or specimen tree staking needs – replaces the wire and tubes. 1/2″ used for tying orchard tree tops for support and apple trellis work. We challenge you to break it by hand.

EMBOSSED – the added texture on selected tapes helps the tapes to not stick to itself in hotter climates. These are very popular for use in Tapeners but not recommended for hand tie since it will fall off the roll so much easier.

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