Photo of retail package MIracle Garden Tie mixed sizes


Photo of retail package MIracle Garden Tie 1/2 inch 4 mil

Retail Packaged

Individually packed with punched header card suitable for peg board display.
See: “Why Miracle Garden Tie”

3300.004300′1/2″ All PurposeGreen12144
3302.008150′1/2″ Heavy DutyGreen12144
3304.008150′1″ GiantGreen672
All 1/2″ may be used in the HT-R45L MAX Tapeners® including up to 12 and 20 mil.

MINIMUM ORDER: 1 Case – but you can mix different Cartons in each case – 12 Cartons per
case but will pay the Carton (not Case) price.

MARKETING HINT: Retailers are encouraged to carry all three packages of MIRACLE GARDEN TIE. Studies demonstrate a 20-25% increase in sales when consumers are given choices.

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