Photo of Handy Twine Ring Knives

Ring Knives

These Ring Knives are indispensable when doing a lot of work with string, twine, ribbon and other string like products that needs cutting. We used these all the time during harvest season when tying trees in bundles for shipping.

9008Ring Knife Size #812
9009Ring Knife Size #912
9010Ring Knife Size #1012
9011Ring Knife Size #1112
9012Ring Knife Size #1212
9013Ring Knife Size #1312
9014Ring Knife Size #1412
9015Ring Knife Size #1512
9016Adjustable Size Small (Plastic)12
9017Adjustable Size Medium (Plastic)12
9018Adjustable Size Large (Plastic)12
Minimum Order: 1 Box (12 ring knives)

If you by 12 dozen there is a price break. Sizes may be combined to receive this best possible price.

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