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Why use a MAX Tapener®? Simple – One person using one of these tools can tie the same amount as 3-5 other people that tie by hand. Usually this pays for the tool within 2 to 4 hours and every hour after that is direct labor savings. In addition, the machine ties use less tape – no need for the wasted material used for the knot or for the fingers to hold.

Another or better way to look at it is the amount of work completed in a day can be 3 to 5 times more than tying by hand. During the growing season, you are often behind trying to keep up with the tying demands. What if you were always caught up and not having to go back to fix those trees that bowed because you were behind? If you were able to keep up, you could use lighter gauge tapes with more feet per roll (saving costs) with more frequent ties and not have to use heavier tapes with hand tie to pull back in or fix the trunks that have bowed. Note: we speak from 75 years of nursery field experience.

MAX Co Introduction video to HT-R Series Tapeners
MAX HT-R45L Tapener

HT-R Series
Regular, Everyday Tapeners®

These are the every day workhorse tools that replace your normal hand tying. They use the 1/2″ Miracle Garden Ties ranging in thickness from .004″ all the way up to .020″ or the MAX Tapes. There are 3 tools (and a couple of past generations of some of them). 85% of the sales are of the Large Roll Tapeners® (HT-R45L(OR) is the current model). In addition there are two small roll Tapeners®, one with the same size stapling head as the large roll machines and one with a smaller stapling head.

Why are there large roll and small roll Tapeners®? The large rolls of tape were the size of rolls the L.E. Cooke Company created when we invented the Miracle Garden Tie tapes back in the late 1950’s. For some reason the rest of the world standardized on smaller rolls. Thus the large roll Tapeners® are used mostly in North America and the small roll Tapeners® in the rest of the world. There are some users who prefer the MAX Tapes (some only in small rolls) and some who like the smaller heads for use in tighter confines (like potted liner production in greenhouses).

All of the HT-R Tapeners® use the 604E-L Staples and the TC90045 Tapener® Blades

Chart of supplies compatible with each Tapener

Photo of MAX Strong Bind Tapener and supplies

HT-S Series
Strong Bind Tapeners®

Strong Bind Tapener doing the difficult jobs requiring strong ties.

There are jobs that just need a stronger tie such as larger caliper trees tied to stakes, heavy grape loads tied to trellis wires, staked trees in windy areas, trellising apple and pear trees or even strapping irrigation risers and tubing just to name a few. This Strong Bind Tapener® and Tarpaulin tape does the job.

It takes a special tape for these strong ties – the MAX TAPE-T32B Tarpaulin Tape

These Tapeners® use the heavier duty 404F-L Staples (604E-L staples will not work)
but uses the same TC90045 Tapener® Blades.

Note: This Tarpaulin Tape does not stretch. When you apply it to growing trees, remember to give it some slack (extra space inside the tie) for growth and come back 9 months to a year later to cut it off and re-tie. Nursery growers are doing this for large caliper boxed trees or field grown trees and find there is time and material saved over doing the same tie by hand with 2-3 wraps of 1″ 8 or 12 mil tape since they normally go back 9 months later to re-tie any way. Grape growers usually cut off the cordons after the season, so not stretching is not an issue. The Strong Bind ties replace the non-stretching wire twist ties applied by hand in the vineyards.

Chart of supplies compatible with each Tapener